Alterra Academy Internship

[Remote Internship Opportunity]

Hi everyone! Alterra Academy is currently #hiring for an #Remote Academic Intern Role. As an Academic Intern, you will assist in the running of our Bootcamp and classes, and get a hands on experience of working in edu-tech!


  • Final year students or fresh graduates majoring in IT, Information Systems, & Information Technology, IT Education (Open to all majors, but applicants should understand the basics of IT and are interested in the field).
  • Can think critically to conduct research and analysis of the needs of IT roles that are sought after, especially StartUp & Corporation Companies.
  • Can use applications such as Docs and Excel to provide support in generating learning/student analysis reports.
  • Can use applications such as PowerPoint to provide support in improving the material presented by the Mentor.
  • Passion and confidence to speak in public, give instructions and monitor learning activities in the classroom.

If you feel like you might be the right fit, send your resume to the link below!

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