Hello Steez!
We proudly announce that Sociable Teens is recruiting now!

Let’s join this team by choosing one of these divisions you most into it.

The divisions are:
📝Content Writer
🎨Graphic Designer
💡Creative Project
📱Socmed Manager

These are benefits you will get:
✨E-Certificate (include for the best member)
✨New relations and online friends
✨Free joining all of Sociable Teens events
✨Gain leaderships and teamwork skills

Registration at
Sejuta Cita App (key word: Sociable Teens Opren Recruitment Batch 0.2)

Kategori : Internship
Nama Usaha/Komunitas/Instansi : Sociable Teens
Lokasi : Online (instagram)
Paid/Unpaid : Unpaid
Durasi Magang : 3 Bulan
Deadline : 14 Januari 2022
Akun IG : @sociable.teens