The Jakarta Post Internship

The Jakarta Post is looking for interns!

The Jakarta Post is one of Indonesia’s most influential newspapers that provides content and services in line with its role as leading media in the country and Southeast Asia (SEA) region. We have been growing since 1983 and have visions to drive transformative change in Indonesia and for Indonesia, through critical reporting; influence; and bold, ethical, responsible, and independent reporting.

We are currently looking for an intern(s) for a minimum of 3 months (Monday-Friday).

The internship program is open for a variety of divisions within the company, including:
a. Audience Engagement
b. Human Resources
c. Marketing and Sales etc.

Please scan the barcode below to find out more about the program and to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email ( or Whatsapp Hotline (+62 812 1964 8534).

Thank you for applying!

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