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Hello, tech talent!!! Are you ready to get your fast track ticket 🎟️ to join tiket.com?? 

Our engineering & data team is currently doing an expansion and we are looking for the grade A+ tech talents to join and revolutionize people to explore the world. If you have expertise in tech or data, hurry up and prepare yourself! 👨🏻‍💻

We proudly present
✨  “CRAFT Cruising far with tiket”

CRAFT is a fast-track program that provides an opportunity for final year and fresh graduates who are willing to become part of revolution agents that will foster the Indonesia tourism sector through technology.

Your journey will start from CV submission & screening, deep-diving into us, and get ready to meet the crew at the interview! After that, congratulations! you will undertake an onboarding and become the t-Fam. Yuhuu!!

Don’t forget to come and join our talk show and webinar so that you can boost up your ability to prepare for the user interview later, and also to be closer with tiket.com!

The events will be held on:
🗓️: Wednesday, 6th April 2022
⏰: 11.00–12.00 and 15.00–16.30 WIB
🔗: Live at YouTube Peopleattiket

Let’s onboard the ship before 10 April 2022 12.00 WIB on the link below
Link: https://bit.ly/CRAFTForm

See you at CRAFT 🛳️

For further information:
Instagram: @peopleattiket
LinkedIn: tiket.com

Official Project 👇

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